zondag 11 maart 2012

Virago update

It's been a while. Vincent managed to make something that's even louder than the Virago: A child. Cool kid though, Max.

Anyway: That was the reason for not working on the Virago and the SR500 for such a long time. I found a manual for our carb online, so I really wanted to give the Virago a tune up, while Vincent had some work to do on his Ducati.

I took the CB to get there, so we had quite a nice collection of bikes sitting in the sunlight.

Time to take the bikes for a test ride and of course: The Virago broke down (it only ran on 1 cylinder). As usual: it had nothing at all to do with anything else but bad luck: The rear spark plug didn't spark anymore. Every time the Virago has a problem we immediately start suspecting our home made inlet manifold and the carb and everytime it is something else.... (air hose, fuel problem, rubber inlet etc...) 

Anyway: the Virago ran very well and the Duc still has some work left on it.

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