maandag 30 januari 2012

Excellent video on exhausts and carb tuning

Found on Do The Ton

vrijdag 27 januari 2012

Lowside syndicate magazine

I just received word that there's some space reserved for my BMW in Lowside Syndicate Magazine's latest issue: Issue 7!

They had asked me for photo's a few months back, so I had a good look around on their website and really liked what a saw. They seem to want to distinguish them selfs from other magazines by the use of very classy, high quality material. So it's a great, great honor for me.

My copy is on the way, be sure to get your copy at the Lowside Syndicate website, or get it from the guys at Dime City Cycles!

Motor-magazine best readers photo of 2011

I submitted this photo for the motor-magazine best reader's photo 2011 contest:

Guess what?

That was a pleasant surprise for me, first prize! I'll get to go along with their professional photographer for a day, I'm petty excited about that since I'm always eager to learn!

woensdag 25 januari 2012

90% chance of rain

That's what the forecast said. Didn't see a single drip. It was INCREDIBLY cold though. But I had a great time riding the CB :)

Found some unpaved roads again

Did a photo shoot with Vera (in this photo) and Simone. I'm used to shooting machines, animals and objects, it was a pretty new experience to work with people. It's not as easy as some people make it look. Learned a lot and we had a lot of fun.

zondag 22 januari 2012

woensdag 18 januari 2012

BMW/CB 750 caferacer: video

I am gathering old (and newer) video footage of my bikes to make a short video. Biggest problem for me while making video's: Chosing appropriate background music. Suggestions are welcome :)

dinsdag 17 januari 2012

Spotted: BMW cafe racer

I saw this bike on a local ride. Didn't have a pen and paper with me, so I'll go back someday to stick a note on it asking if I can take better photo's some time.

I really like them 'I'm being used' patina of the bike.

zaterdag 14 januari 2012

My BMW Cafe racer

I took the opportunity (dry roads) to try and see what remote flashing a black bike in the dark would look like. Well, it looks like this:

dinsdag 10 januari 2012

Great 70's motorcycle safety video

Via motor-forum

Parts for the SR

A few weeks ago I posted a report of the Vehikel swap meet. This is what we found for the SR:

Not too sure this tank will fit over the wide backbone, but we'll find a way
Tail light.
It has a nice 60's-70's look
Search light from a Willy's JEEP. At least, that's what the seller told us, but it will make a fine headlight.
A selection of handlebars so we can see what fits best. All these parts were dirt cheap, so we can easily sell what we're not using without losing money

I'm now also officially for hire as a horse photographer, I was getting so many requests it was the only logical thing to do. The CB is doing a great job getting me to where I need to be with all the camera gear.

vrijdag 6 januari 2012

Finally: We started on the SR500

We found some time to start on the SR500, finally. When we bought it, the guy told us that the woner before him had reconditioned the engine, but it was laying smoke screens that would make the US army jealous, so we knew it either wasn't reconditioned, or we should not be happy that it was....

So the first priority: Get the engine out and find out what's wrong. Here we go!

It's all in pretty bad shape, but hey, we payed for a bike in bad shape.
It's been collecting more than just dust...
Finally, the engine is out, now let's see what the insides look like
They don't look good. The inlet part of the camshaft is 'square', we need to replace the shaft.
It looks like something has gone through the engine. Maybe one of the valves broke? They look new and it might be the reason why the engine was reconditioned.
The exhaust bolt thread isn't looking pretty either
What to say about this? There seem to be honing traces in the cylinder, but they are only visible on the photo, I did not see them in real life... The cylinder looks far more scratched then it is, but I'm pretty sure this is the reason for the extreme oil consumption.

As you can see: It's not in a great shape. We don't mind about the rolling part, anything that's not good on it was planned to be thrown away anyway, we do mind about the engine. I think the oil burning is caused by honing/drilling out the cylinder without replacing the piston. We'll have to measure it and see. The very least we're looking at is honing the cylinder again and finding a new piston and camshaft.

zondag 1 januari 2012

First ride of the year

It's a tradition: On January 1st I go for a ride. No matter what the weather forecast says. I got wet this year :)

Oh, and Happy new year to you all!