dinsdag 29 juni 2010

May I remind you again?

Next sunday: caferacerdag Achterveld, the Netherlands. Just east of the middle of the Netherlands, so very doable from both Germany and Belgium.

Some random inspirational to get in the right mood:


vrijdag 25 juni 2010

So, what's up?

That variable exhaust thing is working beautifully. I can both tune the sound and the engine by adding (or changing the shape/size of the) rings. Also sprayed the back black since I haven't decided on the color yet. I kind of like it as it is now.

Other changes: New rear shocks (look a lot better) and a way happier rider.

maandag 21 juni 2010

Variable muffler system.

The exhaust of the Suzuki was just a hollow pipe when I started. I've tried a whole bunch of things to get it to sound a bit more civilized, but all that did it ruin the exhaust in the end. So I had another go at it yesterday. I cut of the end bit, welded in a slightly longer stainless steel pipe with a slightly larger diameter. I had to keep the end piece of the original exhaust, since that's exactly the size of the hole in the back. To be able to change the sound without having to cut and weld I welded in a piece of threaded stainless steel.

I started of with a few shimms in the exhaust and it already sound a LOT better. It's really easy now to adjust both the sound and the back pressure in the exhaust. I should have done this way earlier.

zondag 20 juni 2010

Reminder: Caferacerdag Achterveld 4th of Juli 2010 !

Reminder: 4th of Juli: Caferacer day at Achterveld in the Netherlands (here). For our German friends: It's only 40 minutes or so from the border near Enschede/Nordhorn.

Last year

I'll try to be there on the Suzuki and maybe with my girlfriend on the Honda cx500.

Made a brand new wiring loom for the Suzuki yesterday and it even works. In a minute I'll be working on the bike again. The headlight is pointing up, it's not supposed to do that.... Don't like the sound form the exhasut either, so I'll have to see what I can do about that.

donderdag 17 juni 2010

Bought a 'new' camera lens

It's a very old Carl Zeiss 200mm, 2.8. Hard to operate, but very rewarding when you get it right. Took some shots of the BMW.

zaterdag 12 juni 2010

Salad bowl or...?

With all the engine trouble and the bend handlebars I just slabbed the front end together. Didn't really like it though, so I tried doing something about that today. I bought a stainless steel salad bowl.

Cut it to shape, bent it a little 

Put a headlight in

fitted it loosely on the bike to see how it looks.

Finally made some brackets to fix it to the bike.

Not too sure yet. What do u think?

woensdag 9 juni 2010

Got it running again

Still need to sort out some of the electrics, as you can see, but it's on the road again.

maandag 7 juni 2010

Back in Business

I hope... (cautiously optimistic)

It's a GN400 engine, luckily with a complete wiring loom since it differs from the SP370 (no points for example). The first thing I'm going to do is put it in the bike (already done most of that), hook up the existing wiring loom and see if it runs. If it does I'll just leave it like that for a while and see how it performs. Finishing/thinning the wiring loom/painting the engine can all be done later.

Thanks Gozewien!!

Bike building gone mad

I like how these guys think:

It isn't always about getting somewhere fast.