woensdag 27 april 2011

Please take your time to read this

I received an email from Chris Fiaccone today. This is what it said:

A couple months ago, my best friend from childhood broke every vertebrae in his neck--and we know what that means. He's a cop in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA and was off duty having a pint with his father. A fight broke out at the pub, and the bartender--knowing he was a cop--asked if he could help usher the fight outside. During the process, two guys picked him up and slammed him on his head--immediately breaking his neck and concussing him. The guys then stomped on his head, jeering about what they did to a cop. My friend has 4 young kids, and though he'll likely survive, he will never be the same.

On May 1, there is a fundraiser at the 51st Street Speakeasy (1114 NW 51st St, Oklahoma City, OK 73118-4408) to help his family. I'm donating this bike (
http://www.motofiaccone.com/moto/40-cl350-cafe-racer/129-cl350-scafe-racer-alt-flats) to the fundraiser. Is there any way you can help promote the 1.) what has happened to a police office 2.) the event and 3.) the bike donation. It would get people extremely exited to see a bike they are buying on auction featured on your blog . Any promotional help is well appreciated.

First of all: The world needs guys like this, so the world needs to show it's thankful for people like Chris' friend. And I think Chris deserves a lot of credit for offering his bike for the fund raising.

Please reblog, repost, retweet, email, facebook link, whatever you can think of.

zaterdag 16 april 2011

Things are slow on the bike front

Saturday, 11:23 PM and I am still behind the computer fine tuning my final report. Sucks. But here's a few photo's to keep you entertained.

zondag 10 april 2011

'weekend' trip

I am very, very busy at the moment. I need to finish my master's thesis and I want to have it finished before Friday, so I spend most of my time behind the computer and an enormous pile of books and papers.

I took a break last Friday and took the CB for a ride to the Dutch river area. My girlfriend went along on her CX500. We spend the night at my parents place and went back on Saturday after visiting the medieval town of Buren. Enjoyed it a lot.

dinsdag 5 april 2011

Remote flashing the Virago

I'd like to think I am slowly getting the hang of using the remote flash for the camera (though I have some troubles with focusing, I have to focus manually and that's really hard if there's only little sunlight). Tried it on the Virago last night. We put some more air in the tires and I took it for a pretty long ride to take some photo's. The ride was great, handling is really good (if you keep in mind that it's no sports bike) it's comfortable and it has plenty of go. Only some minor things left to do, like finding rubber caps for the battery poles so we can finally close the battery box fully without short circuiting the battery.

zondag 3 april 2011

I still find things...

Last Saturday my girlfriend and I took the CB on an early morning ride We hoped to be out in the fields before the sun went up to shoot some sunrise photo's, but we were a little late. Still shot some decent photo's I think.

It ran a little rough at high speeds, I found out that it is not getting enough fuel, so I had to take a look at the fuel lines. While I was at it, I also decided to adjust the camchain tension. It somehow didn't feel right to me when I did it, so I decided to take the tensioner off. It turned out it was upside down and a badly shortened bolt was used as a lockbolt, damaging the rod of the tensioner (barely visible in the photo, I was sanding it to get it smooth again) causing the tensioner to be stuck. Nice. How the hell can u mount the tensioner upside down?!?! I fixed it though.

And finally: Got some new photo gear: A remote flash. It'll take me some more practice before I can use it's full potential though....