maandag 21 september 2009

No math classes today

So more time to ride! Sorry, no updates on the BMW, I just can't think of anything (that I can afford) that would improve the looks or performance of this bike.

zaterdag 12 september 2009

The Guzzi girl

The Guzzi girl.... Every caferacer enthusiast will know what I'm talking about. The famous photo of the girl with the Davida helmet on that fantastic Moto Guzzi caferacer. Here's the proof that the girl doesn't need the helmet, the bike or even clothes to look beautiful:

maandag 7 september 2009

A sunny september afternoon in the Dutch countryside.

It was a warm and sunny september afternoon and I had the day off. So what better to do than a relaxing ride through the Dutch coutryside?

zaterdag 5 september 2009

BMW update...

It's been a while. I've been busy with going on vacation (it's a tough job, but someone's got to do it). We went to Germany, Austria and Slovenia. That was the relaxing part, the less relaxing part is someone at the university screwing up and that resulted in a LOT of work for me. But back to the BMW. Comming back form vacation the chargelight remained lid during the first ride. It turned out I had some work to do.... I managed to repair it and now I'm really enjoying riding the bike. This short video walk-around was made today.