maandag 12 maart 2012

Vincent's Ducati

A while back Vincent, the guy I built the Virago and the CX500 chopper with, bought a Ducati Cagiva Pantah 650. He sold his Yamaha R1 for it and that was a wise decission. The Ducatis isn't even finished yet, but I'm pretty sure he's already done more miles on it, than on the R1 in 3 seasons....

Although the bike is not finished yet, it is taking shape nicely. At this moment it has custom made exhaust pipes with modified mufflers, Emco air filters, air-supension at the back, a CX500 C gas tank, a seat made of a CX500 C gas tank, Tomasselli clipons, home made headlight and license plate brackets, after market headlight, Honda speedo and a seat made by the same guy (Raymond) that did the seat on my CB750.

Vincent took the Ducati for a test ride yesterday, while I tried to fine tune the Virago

As I said, it's work in progress. Heat shields on the exhausts are on his to-do list (though it's not a big problem)

And the engine needs some tuning (it's running a bit lean). 

All in all the bike is great fun and is nearly ready for the summer season.

We also did a short video, time was running out a bit and I filmed it from the Virago which was a surprisingly hard platform for filming (it's way easier on my BMW or the CB). The engine noise you hear is 100% the noise produced by the Virago, shame, cause the Duc sounds great too!

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  1. I didn't know they are Fournales shocks. When I tried the Ducati, I found them quite a bit 'sticky', there was a high resistance to the first movement. But the shocks have not been used for a long, long time, so maybe they'll free up a bit.