maandag 27 december 2010

Floris' 1off Bol d'or freestyle racer

I've posted this bike on this blog before, but Floris has decided to make it even cooler, so I'll just have to post it again. Stunning bike, love the out of the box thinking on this build.

Builders website:

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Michiel. I like this work... so I published a report about MIOB's blog on ze craignos monstercycles.

  2. That exhaust is gorgeous... i'd be a little worried about wrapping three sides of an aircooled engine in hot header pipes, though.

  3. Hi Craig, I saw it yesterday. Very nice, merci beaucoup!!

  4. Hey Toby,

    I didn't think of that (hope the builder did), but you might have a point. Normally I'd say: Just make sure you're never going slow ;). But I think in this case that might even make it worse. If I see an update on this bike I'll post it and you'll know.