donderdag 12 mei 2011


What I've been up to lately? Riding. Took the CB everywhere. And I mean everywhere, even got a good taste of offroading (which the CB is not very well suited for (massive understatement). Loving it. Spend many, many, many hours riding the CB.

I know I haven't been posting very much lately. Mainly cause I'm a bit fed up with the caferacer scene. The negativity has increased massively lately. I got negative responses to the CB being feautured on BikeExif (mails with: why your bike and not mine? How much did you pay? GTFOH). People moaning about other peoples bike cause they have stock suspension, so they can't be ANY fun to ride (get a life. Oh, and whe I say something about it: Going trough this blog for 1:15 hours to find something negative to say about it is pathetic. Yes, someone actually did that. What he found? My BMW has the stock top triple tree plate and apparently that means it sucks). People and businesses stealing photo's without asking (it's fine if you ask, but don't ask and put YOUR logo on my photo's is LAME). Oh, and also a special thanks to the guy who saw this photo:

and thought she looked like this guy:

Get glasses and come out of the closet please.

In the mean time: Check out Desmo Meister. He's building a great looking Ducati.

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  1. Hey sorry to read the internet arseholes are getting you down, fuck them and anyone else who can't appreciate real motorcycles instead of some fashion statement.....they're probably hipsters ha ha. I read your blog regularly....bubblevisor is my jump off point to yours and others. This activity and my Shovel Chop keeps me smiling FTW.

  2. Hey man, I LOVE your work. Seeing what you've done has really inspired me to get moving. Don't let the trolls bring you down to their level. What you've done is truly amazing. For real. Your bikes are beautiful! (As well as your girl. :P)

  3. Haters gonna hate. Jeff Decker's interview and Classified Moto's XS on BikeExif brought out the trolls as well. I don't bother posting in the comment section too often anymore as people are more concerned with putting strangers down rather than hearing out opinions from people worldwide.

    I love your work, it brings a sense of accomplishment and pride to those of us working out of sheds on shoestring budgets, unlike the chrome and powdercoated boutique specials built from deep pockets and vain mentalities. Must we be chastised because our rides reflect their pragmatic application? I can't pain over the slight rust on the rear brake caliper bleeder valves because I have to ride to class or to the grocery store. Motorcycles are meant to be ridden, not trailered to photoshoots.

    That said, I enjoy your photos of the CB being ridden through gorgeous landscapes. I plan to ride my '79 Suzuki GS750 North through the Adirondacks with my camera and a bag of tools after I finish school in a few weeks. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Thanks!

    I understand your points, but on the other hand: I don't HAVE to update this blog. One of the biggest motivations to keep this blog for me is that it acts a bit like a diary. I can see when I changed what on which motorbike, I don't have to do that on a public site, but a long time ago I decided to do just that to let other people be able to follow my motor 'adventures'. As I said: when people go trough your blog for over an hour to find something negative to say, it gets a bit weird.

    On the other hand: I spoke to some people at the sidecar meeting (see the post above this one today) that 'knew' me from this blog and a forum and it was a lot of fun to speak to fellow motorbike enthusiasts.

    @ Emmet: The blond girl on the BMW is not my girlfriend (just to clarify). She's absolutely a fantatstic person though!
    Looking forward to see photo's of your trip!

  5. You'll have more pissed off people if you stop posting than if you keep it up! The fact that you make very cool bikes on short money is the whole point of the cafe racer scene. Keep up the originality and keep posting it.

  6. hei bro... FUCK THEM!



    let them cry!!