maandag 16 mei 2011

Small changes on the CB

I received a package from Dime City last week, Thanks guys!!!! In it was, amongst other things, a speedo. So I replaced the tacho for the speedo (with all the speedcams here it's on no brainer when choosing between tachos or speedos). Also ordered a new fuel cap rubber loaclly at Blauwe Plaat motoren (a CB specialist in my home town. How convenient :)).

Speedo works great, fuel cap still leaks unfortunately. I also swapped the stator last week because it didn't charge with the light on. The higher power to the battery meant I had to adjust the timing again, move the needles up a bit and change jets. Gave the bike a bit more power, so that's great. Re-sanded the tank because I expected to be able to paint it again, looks nice, but it is unprotected now and as I said: petrol cap still leaks. I'll have to figure out how to solve that.

Took the CB for a 70 mile ride (nice, a working speedo) to a small Chopperstyle meeting, was nice to finally see some more names behind the forum nicknames. Had a great time and stopped by at the side car meeting on the way back. Nice way to spend a Sunday!

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