zondag 20 maart 2011

Today was NOT a good day.

The start of the day was excellent. Sunny, warm and we had a fun ride planned. Zoran was coming over to pick up his Kawa and he brought a few friends, one of the Lennard from the Bubblevisor blog and one of them Michal, the guy behind this excellent site: site

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, this could go wrong:

Zoran got a nail in his tire. 'Repairing' it took som much time I had to take off straught after, because I was supposed to go to the place where we worked on the Virago to move all the stuff to Vincent's new house. So I took the BMW (Even more fun to ride than the CB).

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, It died. The BMW died a couple of hunderd meters before I got to my destination. A short look in the tank made it very obvious what had caused the BMW to die:

the Tank 'Cure' was dissolving and clogged up my petcocks. Nice. NOT. Also good to know that I had to get back home as well, another 30 miles or so.

Yep, not a good day. But wait, it could still get worse. And so it did.... We loaded all the tools and metal onto a trailer and tried to start the Virago to move everything to Vincent's place. Tried to start it, because it didn't get any fuel. After a quite a while we found out that one of the fuel hose clamps was to tight so no fuel could come trough. So we started the bike and off we went:

That's me on the Virago. I got as far as 7 kilometers, exactly halfway. Then it died. Gearbox seemed to be totally gone and the engine wouldn't run anymore. Great.

We had to go back later to pick it up with the trailer.

So no, today was NOT a good day, although the BMW did manage to get me back home (all be it only just).

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Pffff Murphey gave you a beating today!
    Let's hope u used all of your bad lluck tody for quiet a wile.
    The KZ is standing in front of my window again, feels great. Thanks so much and great pics again!


  2. Yeah, Murphey was pretty busy with me today. I hope he is very tired now....

    No worries, I liked working on the bike, so you're welcome :)

  3. tering jantje wat een pech
    toch nog mooie foto's gemaakt, thanks!
    gaan we gewoon nog een keer rijden binnen kort
    ga je volgende week naar hardenberg of had ik dat al gevraagd

  4. Ja, het ging were lekker :S Maar idnerdaad, binnenkort nog een keertje!

    Hardenberg heb ik helemaal nog niet aan gedacht. Ik heb eigenlijk niets nodig, maar die Vincent waarmee ik de Virago bouw wel. Ik denk er nog even over na.

  5. Miob any day you come back from a bike spin and nobody gets hurt is a good day,,,,,

  6. I guess you're right, but on the other hand: You can't really call this a good day either ;)