woensdag 1 december 2010

Dicovery Channel Cafe RacerTV Bike of the week!

How cool is this?

Cafe RacerTV bike of the week!!!

A welcome to the people that fond my blog trough the Cafe Racer TV website!!

I already wrote a short introduction on the bike of the week page, I'll do it a little more elaborately here. 

My bike building addiction started with this bike:

It's a Honda CX500 I bought together with a friend. We turned it into this:

It turned out so much better than expected! 

The next project came when my girlfriend wanted a bike for herself (I was still riding my first bike at the time, a Yamaha YZF750). We found a CX500 in mint condition (only about 18.000 miles on it!) in parts in a shed somewhere. I turned it into a mild cafe so I could easily return it to it's original state (my girlfriend insisted on that):

All this could only lead to one thing: Me selling my Yamaha to build a bike for myself. I decided to go for a wrecked BMW R80. It was a wreck, but it was cheap, had upgraded suspension and a 1000 cc engine.

I turned it into the bike that is now the bike of the week.

In the mean time I'd also bought a Yamaha XV920 Virago together with the same Guy I build the CX500 Chopper with. 

It's not finished yet, but we're getting close to the first test ride...

It didn't end there.... I'm an addict, so I had to build something after finishing the CX500 and the BMW. The Virago is a bike we build with the two of us and we can't work on it as often as we'd want to, so I bought another project for myself. A Suzuki SP370.

Another ULTRA low budget project. When it was finished I liked it, but didn't love it. Mainly because a 400cc Thumbert is just not big enough for me 6'7 frame.

So I sold it and bought a Honda CB750, the bike you can see me building on the last couple of pages of this blog.

Before I bought it:

And as it is now:

Thank you for your visit. Hope you like the blog! Also a BIG thanks to the people of Discovery Channel and the guys of Dime City Cycles!!

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