woensdag 27 oktober 2010

It doesn't get much better than this

zondag 24 oktober 2010

Not made of sugar

It's been raining a lot the last couple of days. Very annoying when you want to work on a bike.

Despite the weather I was able to do a few of the jobs I still had to do. I did the last work on the wiring loom and did some work on the rear fender and chain guard. The rain gave me a excellent opportunity to test if the wiring loom was waterproof. I totally lost track of time while riding and I got back home hours later than I had planned. This bike is a keeper.

I had brought the camera to experiment a bit, here's the result:

Also been doing some work on the Virago this week. Vincent found a place for the fuel pump and repaired the saddle I broke... I started with the wiring loom.

I started from scratch and managed to get it nearly finished within a few hours. It'll be done next time. Hopefully we can test ride that bike than too.

maandag 18 oktober 2010

Second testride

After yesterdays short ride it became clear that the bike had some minor issues. I solved most of them today and took it for another ride. It made me very happy, the bike handles excellently and I didn't find any major issues. The engine could still use some tuning (as you can hear and see in the vid), but it runs reasonably well, the handling was more than good enough to corner fast enough to hit the ground with the steps. It's a fun ride!

Fall colors

Check out this very nice Moto Guzzi fall ride vid

zondag 17 oktober 2010


Spend a big part of the day on the CB yesterday. Started of by cleaning the top triple tree plate:

And continued by starting on making the seat.

After doing some more little things (mainly some work on the wiring loom) I took it for a short ride. I still have to fabricate a license plate holder and this part of town has a lot of police so it was a short, but very successful ride.

I'll be able to do some more work on the bike today and that we'll get me really close to actually being able to start using the bike. I do still need a few parts before that though, like new ignition points, pod filters, hand grips and fork seals. Normally I'd try to find those at a local shop, but not this time. I ordered them in the States at a shop called Dime City Cycles. Really friendly bunch of guys who have only recently started their (web)shop. They have some really interesting stuff (lot's of it not available in Europe) and it was a lot cheaper for me to order my stuff there than if I would have ordered them over here.

Go check out their products:

Dime City Cycles.

It'll be in interesting to see how much time it'll take the parts to get here. 

To end this mornings post: I did some more experimenting with the Canon, tried to get a 3D feel. Worked, a little.

vrijdag 15 oktober 2010

'New' layout

I changed the layout a bit in the hope to be able to place bigger photo's, but it doesn't really seem to work. If anybody knows how to get the photo's bigger, please let me know.

maandag 11 oktober 2010

Or in other words: A Japanese wiring loom **** up by the previous Dutch owner. It must be really quiet in the guys home now, I bet he used up all his speaker cables in this wiring loom. It was a mess. The darkness didn't help (I HATE the darkness of autumn and winter), but at the end there was some light in the darkness.

If there would have been more light you would have been able to see that I cleaned up the front over the weekend. I installed another brake cylinder and a single steel brake line (so I've gotten rid of the enormous CB brake cylinder and separate enormous brake light switch), made a nice spacer on the lathe for the head light to replace the set of rings I was using and I cleaned up all the electrics coming from the handlebars.

vrijdag 1 oktober 2010

More from yesterday

Just trying to improve my photography a little. I still suck, but I suck a little less than I used to. I'll take a workshop some day.

What to do on a sunny afternoon?

I finished the exhaust. One of the things I did is weld the muffler onto the headers and try to get the muffler to muffle. Worked out pretty well, it's loud, but not too loud. Really like the noise. Don't worry about the smoke. I sprayed oil inside the exhaust to prevent it from rusting from te inside. It should be fine (I hope) once covered in sooth after riding it for a while.