zondag 17 oktober 2010


Spend a big part of the day on the CB yesterday. Started of by cleaning the top triple tree plate:

And continued by starting on making the seat.

After doing some more little things (mainly some work on the wiring loom) I took it for a short ride. I still have to fabricate a license plate holder and this part of town has a lot of police so it was a short, but very successful ride.

I'll be able to do some more work on the bike today and that we'll get me really close to actually being able to start using the bike. I do still need a few parts before that though, like new ignition points, pod filters, hand grips and fork seals. Normally I'd try to find those at a local shop, but not this time. I ordered them in the States at a shop called Dime City Cycles. Really friendly bunch of guys who have only recently started their (web)shop. They have some really interesting stuff (lot's of it not available in Europe) and it was a lot cheaper for me to order my stuff there than if I would have ordered them over here.

Go check out their products:

Dime City Cycles.

It'll be in interesting to see how much time it'll take the parts to get here. 

To end this mornings post: I did some more experimenting with the Canon, tried to get a 3D feel. Worked, a little.

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