maandag 8 maart 2010

Too much time on my hands?

It might seem that I have... It a choice. My study is going to be really demanding in a few months, so I'm taking it easy at the moment. And working on bikes is my way of taking things easy :).

So, today: The carter/oil breather on the BMW has annoyed me for some time now. I was using a improvised cheap filter for that, but it just didn't look right to me and got the top engine cover a bit greasy. The original set up on the BMW was a tube straight into the airbox. Since I don't have an airbox anymore, but velocity stacks instead I put them there. I put a bolt in the drill, used a file to get it partially smooth and drilled a hole trhough the bolt an in the velocity stacks:

All looks really good on the bike. Next time I'll go riding I'll take a pic (It was too dark in the shed for a pic).

The second thing I did was replace the head gasket on the Suzuki. For me that is a hard job. I'm not a skilled mechanic, before the timing chain job on the BMW I've never worked on engines and I'm impatient by nature (that's actually officially been diagnosed). So trying to keep focused and not start rushing things for as long as it takes (me) to replace a headgasket was quite an ordeal. But I did very well (proud to say). It looks to me (not a skilled mechanic, remember) as if the old head gasket's been leaking (lower right corner of the pic):

It was all a bit too clean inside...

I guess that'll be caused by all the oil in the combustion chamber? Anyway: I had very little time for a testride. It's still smoking a lot (but that might be because the exhaust is really oily inside? (it is..), time will tell I guess?), but there's no oil leak near the gasket anymore (at least there's no oil visible on the cooling ribs like with the old gasket) and the compression has increased quite a bit (which is a problem, it's pretty hard now to kick it with the short kickstarter. I manage, but I don't think girlfriend can). More testing tomorrow (if the weather's fine).

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