zondag 7 maart 2010

As promised: the Acewell tacho.

I promised a couple of people to show the functions of the Acewell 2853 on the BMW caferacer, so here it is. I'm sorry for the blurriness, I apparently should have filmed from a bit further away. I'll keep that in mind for next time... But I guess you'll get the idea.

Besides the shown functions the indicator lights for the indicators and oil pressure also work. I hooked up the BMW charge light to the red triangle led. (no need for resistances or light bulbs when your charging system is healthy. Just start riding like any other bike and once the engine is warm rev it up/accelerate to over 5000 rpm (roughly) and the light goes off. It'll stay off too so the battery is charged). As you can see the neutral light is not working, that is because BMW uses really crappy neutral switches and mine's broken. 

I had a great time riding the BMW again. It's a lot more bike than the SP. I noticed that a winter in a not-very-dry shed took a toll, so I'll have some work to do (some rust on the headlight and exhaust). I tried to remove the axial play on the rockerarms before the ride, but I think it was too cold because there was already less play on the arms when I started with the job than last time I checked.

And sure enough: it started making the ticking sounds again. So I'll have to do that again when it's warmer (or park the bike in the living room for a while). Also replaced the worn gas needles. That made a big difference, the bike's running better mid range.

Took it for a spin trough the Dutch polders. This is one of the windmills they used in the past to keep the polders dry (they're 2 meters below sea level)

Only rode for about an hour. Way too cold and even a too expensive cup of coffee halfways couldn't get me warm again.

But no further complaints. It really was awesome to ride the BMW again. The sound, the acceleration, the handling... A very thrilling way to pass the first sunny day of the year.

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