dinsdag 2 maart 2010

testride part deux

Finally found a tank yesterday and today was a very nice day to fit that tank. It's the first time in months that I've seen direct sunlight and: No snow!

I know I previously posted that the head gasket was a goner. Well, I'm not a very good mechanic (obviously) because the head gasket is fine. The leaky tank (the old one) + a leaky exhasut (didn't bold it on tight enough) + a loose sparkplug cap had lead me to the wrong conclussions. Just glad I don't have to open it up. Also traced the oil leak back to a damaged O ring, that was a 2minute fix and thus not as horrible as my doom scenario of having to open the side of the engine.

Anyway: I've done some work on the wiring loom, mainly by installing a brakesensor. Cleaned it all up a bit, installed the tank and it was time for a testride:

The acceleration is fantastic, the handling much better than expected (keep in mind that the bike is on knobby tires). The exhaust sounds incredible (incredibly cool and incredibly LOUD, I'll have to do something about that last thing)

short clip for the sound:

It was only a short ride. I'm not sure the insurance is all a done deal yet and I found a new oil leak where the RPM cable should have been connected to the engine. Turned out there was a part missing inside the head, but that was also an easy fix with a part of one of the spare engines.

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