zaterdag 6 maart 2010

New headlight

Been to a swapmarket today. I found a ton of usable stuff (lot's of screws, bolts, balljoints, lightbulbs, that kind of stuff) and a new headlight. Why a new one? I like the other one too much.The bike's been sitting in the living room all this time, but after it's finished it'll go outside and that would be a waste of that headlight. Found a really cheap (but nice looking) new one. Also had the bike insured today, so after mounting the headlight (and linking up the rear brake + cleaning the front brake) I could finally take it for a longer ride.

So what's it like? Let's just say I still have some work to do. The engine is still leaking oil on top, I thought I'd fixed that, but I'm obviously wrong. It's also misfiring, but very irregular (it might run fine fore minutes and than misfire a few times and even stall when running idle) and somehow there's oil getting inside the cylinder. So my first diagnosis of a damaged head gasket might be the right one anyway.

The other thing is the ride. Not sure if it's the tires or the stance of the bike (probably the latter), but it's unstable when cornering 'at speed'. The brakes work fine now though. Turned out the front break was a bit greasy and this is the first time I rode with a hooked up rear brake (which works really good).

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