zaterdag 27 februari 2010

fender part II

A short summary of what I've done on the Suzuki the last couple of days: I painted the swingarm, reinstalled it and the fender (sorry for the blurry pic).

Added a carter ventilation filter (not sure if I'll keep it (there)) and I made the rear end nice and smooth (gave it a base coat too). I never managed to get my gashand grip onto the handlebars, just too tight (not even after heating it up to 150 degree to get it really soft). So I decided to ditch them. I'm now trying out racketgrips/tape. Not terribly sure if they'll hold, but they hold just fine on my squash racket and that get's a lot of abuse. The electrics still look a bit messy. This is because I haven't been able to find the right light bulbs yet and according to the wiring diagram the bike should be run with an electrical resistance replacing the lights when those are turned off. I'm not going to install a light switch, they'll just be on all the time. So I temporarily use the original resistance which is hanging from the handlebars. Comming weekend there'll be a swap market again. Shouldn't be a problem to find the right light bulbs there. What will be/is a problem is finding a head gasket. They appear to be sold out everywhere. Found a onscure website in Germany that promises to sell them, so all my money is on that.

And finally: I found a tank! I'm getting it Monday, so I'm not sure yet what state it'll be in, but the guy promised me it's in a more than reasonable shape. 

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