zondag 7 februari 2010


I want to make my own wiring loom since there's a lot of stuff on the original one that I'm not going to use and I want a totally different routing. To make it easier to find faults I wanted to have the bike running with the original wiring loom of the SP that I used for parts. SO that was my mission for today: get it running.

I blundered on the kickstarter, I'd welded it on in the wrong angle so the paddle would fold in when you kicked it.. So first I had to redo the kickstarter. I than filled the battery and put it on the charger after a while. Did have to do a lot of cutting and soldering on te original loom to get it to fit, so I did that too. Poored in some fuel, hooked up the battery and started kicking.


So  I checked for a spark: there was a sprak.

Kicked it for another ten minutes while fooling around with the choke

nothing, not a single ignition.

Adjusted the timing and started kicking again


Adjusted the timing some more and started kicking again.


had lunch, took some time to catchj my breath, check for sparks (yep), kicket it again



Tried another carburator and withing one kick it ran. Took some effort ;) 


I had to pull the sparkplug cable to get it to stop. Didn't have a key for the ignition so I hotwired it ;)

Still a lot of work left to do, but I'm really glad to have heard it run. I wasn't sure the engine would even work, but it does.

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