zaterdag 6 februari 2010

Suzuki update

So, why the new Suzuki? My bike came without an ignition, so I needed one. The 'new' Suzuki has one :). So I bought the whole bike just for this:

The bike was very cheap, luckily, so I'm not too disappointed after seeing this:

Though the add said the engine was 'healthy'.... Besides this it was full of water and the shifter rod was all bent and ruined the engine casing. Shit happens.

Didn't spend all my time on tearing that bike apart, dis some constructive things too. I switched the swing arm. The one I was using until now had a lot of play on the bearings and this is the cheapest solution. Besides, that one was of a GN250 and the onde from the SP370 is(looks) a bit beefier.  After installing the other swing arm (which will force me to do some modifications on the rearet) I made a conrod for the rear brake.

Stopped at about 2:30 pm. Went to meet a guy from Carburator needles of the BMW R-series apparently were made in two different kinds. Mine need replacing and, you guessed it, I'd gotten the wrong ones. Amazed that the BMW-'expert' who sold them to me didn't know.... Anyway, Pieter had the right needles for me and he wanted to trade them for mine. That'll make the BMW run a lot better, thanks Pieter! The weather forecast for tomorrow promises a day without any form of precipitation. That's going to be a tough decision tomorrow: Work on the Suzuki, or ride the BMW.....

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