dinsdag 9 februari 2010

Suzuki update

Didn't work on the Suzuki yesterday, I picked up work on the bike this morning. I planned to work on the wiring loom today (and I will), but I had to make a bracket for the ignition key first. I realized that a finished wiring loom would mean that I'd be very close to a first test ride. Two big things need to be resolved first though: I don't have a chain yet (do have sprockets), so that's not a hughe problem. The other problem is fuel tank. I decided I don't want to use the tank you've seen on the photo's. It just do it for me. It would be a waste to start looking for a petcock for a tank I'm not going to used. I still had the tank of the stripped SP lying around though. I checked it. It's rusty and dented, but I'm pretty sure it'll hold fuel without leaking. To my surprise, it looked rather good on the bike:

I'm ussualy against using stock tanks, too easy. But really do like it (if you manage to look past the rust). So I might go looking for a SP370 tank (any tips?)

As you can see I've also got new rear shocks. It wasn't only the look, they're ait filled, so it's really easy to adjust them. They're still a bit short, the rear tire wil hitthe exhasut as you might have seen on the last youtube vid. I'm going to solve that by moving the lower mounts a bit forward.

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