zaterdag 13 juni 2009

BMW update!

I've recently done a few upgrades on the BMW that are not visible in the other photo's yet. The first upgrade is the exhaust. The long Megaton exhaust was classic, but a bit too long in my opinion, also a bit too noisy. Since the whole project has to be low budget (I'm a student) and it's just no fun to buy something you can just bold straight on, I decided to make it myself. I bought a stainless steel thermos and a gravy bowl. I already had some perforated pipe laying around, I combined those to make this exhaust:

The exhaust sounds great, but not too loud.

The second project are the indicators. The bullseye indicators are nice, I really like them, but they also stick out quite far (thus making it harder to get the bike into the garden and shed) and it's my opinion that caferacers shouldn't have indicators. But it's also my opinion that in this very crowded country with heavy traffic you just can't do without indicators, so I decided to design them myself in such a way that they are barely noticable. We recently bought a lathé, making the design and build proces a lot easier. This is the result so far, I'm very happy with them:

I also used the lathé to make a new brake pedal for my recently installed rearsets:

That's it for now!

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