zondag 14 juni 2009

CX500 rebuilds!

I learned how much fun it is to customise a motorbike a few years ago. Together with a friend (The same guy I'm now building the Virago chopper with) I bought an very old and very worn down Honda CX500.  We tried to make a classic chopper out of it, I think we succeeded....

The CX500 is a very, very cheap bike to buy over here in the Netherlands. It's also quite a lot of fun to ride. So when my girlriend wanted a motorbike it was only logical to start looking for a CX. We found one, stripped down in parts. It had been lying in someone's shed for at least a decade. It's one of the first CX500's in Holland (March 1977) and it was in excellent condition with a very low milage. My girlfriend wanted my to build the bike in such a way that it would be very easy to return it to it's original state, so I didn't do anything to radical. She loves the bike now.

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