maandag 6 februari 2012

Bill Costello's BMW

Just over a year ago I posted a fantastic video on a bike restoration, made by New Yorker Bill Costello. Bill contacted me last week via this blog an was so kind to send me some more photo's and info on the bike.

The bike is a 1958 R50, 500cc and 26 HP. Bill's farther bought the bike when it was only 2 years old. Bill's father was involved in a pretty bad accident in 1969 and was never allowed to ride the bike again, so it just sat in the garage. When Bill's farther passed away, Bill decided to completely restore the bike. These words don't do the restoration justice, again, just watch the video.

I hope Bill can pass this bike on to his children and they to their children. This bike is worth way more than just money. I'll stop writing about it, just enjoy these photo's:

And the helmet his wife gave him for Christmas:

You can contact Bill via his Youtube channel.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Michiel, you may have seen this video, but sharing Bill's restoration tweaked my memories of this story and I wanted to make certain you and your readership saw it.
    (Warning- I needed a handkerchief.)

  2. if there is anything more perfect in this world i cannot tell you what it is.


    leon holmes

  3. I agree with you Leon. This video (and the photo's/bike) is perfect. The story grabs you.

    Greybeard, thanks for the link, I've already seen that video. Somehow it grabs me less than Bill's video. Can't really explain why, it might be a bit too slick?

  4. Having a personal relationship with someone brings things closer, I think, and of course you're a sucker for the BMW.
    The Dad's reaction in the Norton video was what misted my eyes...
    He truly had no idea his bike wasn't still down in the basement.

  5. You are right about the look in the father's eyes, that was most certainly priceless!

    But I'm not really a sucker for BMW, not at all. I am a sucker for good looking bikes, no matter what brand :)