donderdag 5 augustus 2010

Was he serious?

And he is the previous owner. I wanted to replace the worn brake line in one of the pictures in the previous post, but ended up replacing the whole front brake. And don't forget that he thought it would be fine to ride the bike without the rear brake installed.

Before I started:

This is one of only two bolds holding the brakes in place. It's supposed to be held in place by 4 and this one wasn't tightened correctly, it was bend and as you can barely make out in the photo: about to shear off. Incredible....

This is the reservoir cap. All the missing pieces of rubber are in the brake lines somewhere. So I replaced all the brake lines.

Had a 'new' brake cylinder and new blocks at hand.

One of my better investments:

And the end result. The bike is a lot lighter to push and the brake handle a lot stiffer.

Not entirely happy with how the brake lines are running now, but I'll first need to find some clip ons before I can sort it out.

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