woensdag 10 maart 2010

Been riding

Took the Suzuki for a 10 - 15 km test ride today. She ran really well, but I'm still a bit unsure about how healthy the engine is. I reinstalled the old shocks again instead of the air filled ones I've been using lately. These ones don't look as good, but they improved the handling dramatically. The handling now finally is what I want it to be.

If you look carefully at this pic you can see the silencer I made for in the exhaust. It works, the bike is quieter, but it's still not quiet enough. I'll tackle that later, I first want to be sure the engine is fine.

The other thing you can see is a rev counter. I've been looking for a smaller, cable driven, one for months now, but I just can't find any. So I used the original one and the bracket I had already made for it previously during the build. It doesn't look to bad in combination with this headlight and it has a neutral light which makes my live a lot easier.

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