maandag 1 februari 2010

Suzuki update

The weather was appalling AGAIN today. It was either raining, snowing, there was hail or any combination of those. In short: it sucked.

I decided to get The BMW out of the shed to give myself enough room to do at least something.

Coming Saturday I should get a second Suzuki SP370 that I can use as a donor bike and I want the Suzuki to be as finished as possible by then so it shouldn't take too long before I can hear it run. One of the things left to do was find a spot to place the battery. Under the seat would have been easiest, but it would have been in plane sight, so I decided to put it behind the gearbox. That meant I had to make something to hold the battery.

I'm taking the weight watching thing seriously. The bike is incredibly light as it is (I can lift the whole bike by myself) and it's not going to be overpowered. So even though no-one will ever see it (probably) , I did the speed-holes thing again.

And the result:

It's pretty well hidden, something I like. There's a vertical piece behind the battery so the battery can't fall out. I had a lot of trouble welding in this weather, I'll have to finish some welds when the weather improves :(

The weather forecast for tomorrow is even worse....

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