dinsdag 16 februari 2010

ride report

Ok, test ride report would be a better dexcirption. The good news first: The ride has iproved a lot after some modifications (mainly on the gear shift mechanisme). The bad news list is a bit long unfortunately:

- Pretty sure the head gasket is leaking. A lot. That's not something I can solve easily and certainly not here under these conditions, because

- it STILL snowing

- The engine seems to have started leaking oil at the neutral sensor

- I can't find a decent SP tank anywhere.

- I spend the whole of Saturday on making a muffler to get it a bit quieter. Didn't help a bit.

Especially the head gasket might mean that I'll have to put the whole project on hold. I have very little experience working on engines and I don't have a dust free (or even dry) place to work on the engine. So it sucks pretty bad... same goes for the oil leak at the neutral sensor. I'm guessing I'll have to take the engine apart to fix that. 

2 opmerkingen:

  1. das mooi klote!
    hoe stuurt ie?
    je zit echt bizar ver naar voren

  2. Ik zit naar voren omdat er een camerabeugel vlak achter mijn kont zit waarvan ik te lui was om hem weg te halen ;)

    Sturen kan ik helemaal niets over zeggen, overal lag nog ijs. De drifts waren iig heel controleerbaar :)