vrijdag 12 februari 2010

first test ride

Conditions were far from ideal, but the bike was ready for it and I ran out of patience :). So what was it like? Slippery... Wheel spin everywhere, on ice (obviously), wet road and in the grass. Had LOTS of fun though. It's impossible to say anything about the handling, it was to slippery to try anything, but it was a nice test to see if everything works. I found out I have to do some modifications on the rearsets (it's really hard to get it in neutral), the side stand (it's still a bit in the way when shifting gears) and the clutch. Operating the clutch is way to heavy, the test ride lasted about 10 minutes, but after those ten minutes I couldn't move my left hand anymore. But all in all it was very successful. Really looking forward to the first test under normal conditions.

Crappy video of the testride:

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