woensdag 13 januari 2010

While I'm at the subject of thanking people:

I think I haven't mentioned this on this blog before, but I've been looking for a long time to find a way to slide forks of the BMW up through the triple tree. Klaus-Peter (KPel8 on ADVrider) gave me this:

With a bit of machining it's possible to make this out of it:

(this is his bike).

Klaus-Peter: If you're reading this: Thanks again. I found someone who can machine this for me, it will be done somewhere in February.

He insisted that he didn't want me to pay for it. The only thing he wanted is to meet me sometime so I could see his BMW caferacer in real life and he could see mine. I hope we'll meet when the weather get's better.

And I hope I can someday repay people like Ron and Klaus-Peter. People like them show that the world isn't only about greed as it sometimes seems to be.

Here are dome photo's of Klaus-Peter's BMW:

Back to the Suzuki: I just made a bracket for the rearset on the left side. Now I just really need to get warm again....

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