woensdag 13 januari 2010

Thank you Ron!

Why? For this:

He gave me two really nice looking rear shocks, a pipe and a bunch of stainless steel and only let me pay a little for the pipe. He also had to drive don to the train station twice for me since the dutch railway company f*cked up. Again. As usual. Sometimes I get the impression that don't even want to try to do something right. The NS are just lame...

And this is what the shocks look like on the bike:

Also fitted one of the rearsets. Don't worry about the sidestand, I'm going to move it forward. I'm in the process of shortening one set of forks, so the front will get just a little lower than this without having to slide the forks trough the triple tree.

Only spend a short while outside. It's an unusually cold and snowy winter so far. Not ideal for grinding and welding outside...

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