vrijdag 6 januari 2012

Finally: We started on the SR500

We found some time to start on the SR500, finally. When we bought it, the guy told us that the woner before him had reconditioned the engine, but it was laying smoke screens that would make the US army jealous, so we knew it either wasn't reconditioned, or we should not be happy that it was....

So the first priority: Get the engine out and find out what's wrong. Here we go!

It's all in pretty bad shape, but hey, we payed for a bike in bad shape.
It's been collecting more than just dust...
Finally, the engine is out, now let's see what the insides look like
They don't look good. The inlet part of the camshaft is 'square', we need to replace the shaft.
It looks like something has gone through the engine. Maybe one of the valves broke? They look new and it might be the reason why the engine was reconditioned.
The exhaust bolt thread isn't looking pretty either
What to say about this? There seem to be honing traces in the cylinder, but they are only visible on the photo, I did not see them in real life... The cylinder looks far more scratched then it is, but I'm pretty sure this is the reason for the extreme oil consumption.

As you can see: It's not in a great shape. We don't mind about the rolling part, anything that's not good on it was planned to be thrown away anyway, we do mind about the engine. I think the oil burning is caused by honing/drilling out the cylinder without replacing the piston. We'll have to measure it and see. The very least we're looking at is honing the cylinder again and finding a new piston and camshaft.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. yes! Nice to see you started with the SR
    Looking forward to see what you're going to do with this one

    Good luck with that engine

  2. Well, we think we know for sure what caused the oil use: Wet sumping, a small (cheap) valve that prevents the oil to flow from the oil tank into the engine is not working, drowning the engine in oil. But now it's open, we will check it for other signs of wear.

    So far we are planning to turn into something a bit scrambler-ish, but plans change.