zondag 18 december 2011

Swapmeet: Vehikel 2011

I went to a swap meet with Vincent yesterday. Expectations weren't too high, since the last edition was a bit of a disappointment (high entree fee, not many sellers and very high prices), but this edition was great.

This would be a great headlight for a steam punk bike....
Lots of junk, but very interesting junk none the less.
Push bike with a shaft drive. Sweet!
Lots of tanks to chose from
A Heinkel motor scooter
Ariel scrambler.... I want one!
This kind of quality just can't be found anymore on anything that leaves a factory these days.
Lots of handlebars, very cheap. So we bought a few to see what looks best on the SR500
Old school instrument for checking batteries.
Boxes and boxes full of tacho's.....
Very cool fuel consumption meter. I guess it was vacuum driven?
1937 Adler push bike with 3 gears. It had wooden fenders with a small logo of St Christopher on them (the saint that protects travelers).

In the end we came home with a new brake switch for my CB, air filters for Vincent's Ducati and a lot of stuff for our next project, the SR500: 2 Sets of handlebars, a fuel tank, decompression lever, tail light and 2 headlights. All for very low prices. Nice.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. leuke beurs ja! niets gekocht (m'n pa wel voor z'n mobilet)..
    wel inspriatie op gedaan voor een evt. volgend project, erg gaaf weer al die ouwe zooi!

  2. Ja, ik vond het een verassend leuke beurs dit keer. Ook best wel wat gekocht voor het aankomende SR500 project, dus dat start lekker :)

  3. Wow, great detail shots! I wish there were swap meets to this caliber around Chicago I knew of.

  4. oi, nice!
    had wel moeten gaan dus..
    mooie foto's!