woensdag 28 september 2011

Working on the Virago

It's something we do jut about weekly, mostly in the evening. It's in the final stages of the build now. We are tidying things up and doing the paint. Last night was no different. I chose to take the BMW, the train is expensive, unreliable and annoying. Besides that, the weather was great and I had a request for more photo's of the BMW. I found a pretty cool photo location in an old, abandoned stone factory. Sneak preview:

The other photo's will show up later ;)

We've been working on the Virago for about 3 years now.... Sounds long and it is long. That's mostly due to how we work: We're there to have fun. Joking around, trying out stuff on the bike that we already know (but not for sure) that it won't work. And we work on other bikes as well. This is Vincent spray painting a part for his Duc Caferacer:

But if we want to finish it, which we really want by now, we do have to work on the Virago. This is me, working on one of the side fairings:

We managed to do a mock up of the bike with most painted parts, including the tank (it's finished) and the engine. I am not going to show you photo's, they don't do the bike any justice yet. But we think it looks great, and that's what matters.

reminder of what it looked like before paint:

And the way back on the BMW. Like I said: Magical.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Man you are such a tease ;-)
    Great Foto's Miob!

  2. :). No, seriously, we pushed the bike out of the shed after sunset and took a few photo's on the street. Those photo's are not doing the bike any justice. We hope to finish the bike in the next couple of weeks.