maandag 1 augustus 2011

Riding into the sunset

These are busy times for me, but don't feel sorry, I am enjoying myself hugely. Done some riding past weekend and even needed the CB today because I had an appointment where I couldn't (reasanobly) go with public transport. So I just had to take the CB, tough luck, I know.... ;)

The Cb has not been running 100% lately though, it's been running rough at higher speeds. I found the problem tonight: The brand new condensers are not working as intended, so I replaced them with old ones I had lying around:

And then it was time to take it for a joyride. The plan was just a short ride to test if everything works, but as usual: I've been riding all night, till the sun went down. Love it.

Took some photo's again too (and a short video, but I'll edit that one later).

7 opmerkingen:

  1. You're photography skills are getting very sharp. Awesome pictures!

  2. Thanks man!! Did a photography course last saterday, so I hope to improve my photography skills some more.

  3. Hallo Miob,
    Jouw Honda vind ik steeds mooier en jouw foto's buitengewoon leuk.
    Wat vindt je van mijn nederlands?


    (mijn vriendin is aan het typen :-)

  4. :) Het Nederlands van je vriendin is uitstekend! Bedankt!!

  5. Het is ook geen wonder voor een francaise die 20 jaar in Amsterdam gewoond heeft. Welte rusten, Miob (is dat echt jouw naam,vraagt mijn vriendin?:-))

  6. :)

    Nee, mijn echte naam is Michiel. Heet jij trouwens echt Craig? Klinkt niet erg Frans.
    Maandag ga ik op (een korte) vakantie naar Frankrijk trouwens!