vrijdag 24 juni 2011

Fuel Bespoked Motorcycles: BMW dirt tracker/scrambler

*ping* New email. From the south of Europe again, history has learned that it can only mean one thing: A cool bike. History is right: A very cool bike. I have seen it on several blogs before and I usually don't like posting bikes that have already been all over the internet, my blog is only small, so 99% chance you've seen it already anyway, but I'll make an exception for this bike.

It's a BMW scrambler build by Fuel Bespoked Motorcycles/Karles and it is exactly how a BMW scrambler should be. The right seat, the right colors, the right handle bars, even the right tires. The total picture just looks perfect. I'd LOVE to take that bike on unpaved mountain roads. So here it is, another fantastic Beemer from Spain:

Also very nice to see that Karles has taken the effort to get really good photo's of his bike. Crappy cellphone photo's would not have done justice. Check his bike @ Fuel motorcycles

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