vrijdag 3 juni 2011


The title sums up my day pretty well. Started of pretty early and had the roads for myself. The 35-40 kilometers shortest route to the Virago was happily ignored in favor of the back roads.

The Virago has a new headlight. Bought it at a local flee market for 2,- euros, I think it looks great.

The bike gave us some troubles today, so we did a lot of work with only minor progress, but progress = progress and we had a great time, helped by the brilliant weather.

The way back on the CB was incredible. On one hand I wish I could get a video chip implanted in my eyes to share the sheer beauty of the reflections of the setting sun on the front fender and headlight, on the other hand I am to selfish and keep the experience to myself. Absolutely fabulous.

The BMW is a blast to ride, the Virago really impressive, but the CB is just so hugely pleasant to ride. You can accelerate out of a corner and throw it into the next while the exhaust is screaming for more and when you've had enough you can just cruise home. I love it.

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