maandag 23 mei 2011

Maestro? Music! Loud music!

I had more spare parts than I knew I had, so the clutch was a quick fix tonight. Also made a brace to fix the carbs in place. They were giving some trouble and I traced it back (I think) to leaking air from the intake rubbers. I had read that the carbs can just hang in the rubbers, but apparently not. Worked like a charm, the engine runs a lot nicer. I surprized myself a bit by finding out that I had forgotten to shoot a vid since the first testrides, great excuse to go riding. Needless to see: I had a blast.

Also came across a very, very rare sight in Holland. Pretty sure there's a la that forbids having car wrecks. Not sure what to think of it, on one hand it's a waste, on they other hand it's beautiful as it is.

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