woensdag 18 mei 2011

Bravo Charlie

I received a mail a while back from a Kiwi (New Zealander) with questions about my BMW. He told me he was building his own BMW caferacer and I of course asked for photo's in return. The bike wasn't finished yet, but he promised me to send photo's when it was. He kept his promise. This is what he had to say:

sorry its
taken so long but this is my first build so it took time.I
had to beg borrow and sell almost all my other toys to get
to where it is today .There is still lots to do, am looking
for a set of rear sets and want to up grade the shock soon
plus a major rebuild on the motor over winter. But as it is
it rides really nice and its a total buzz to finally have it
on the road and to know that I spent all that time working
on it adds to the satisfaction..

Very well done mate!! Looks great!

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