zondag 27 maart 2011

Tank dilemma

The tank of the BMW is beyond repair. It's done. With that in mind I just couldn't resist a tank I spotted at the swap meet yesterday. Even though I thought it would be to small and even though it is again a 'plastic' tank.
The first test fit showed it is indeed a bit small:

I gave the tank a quick respray, because the color made it look worse than it is.I also moved the seat up and forward just a bit. Looks better now:

It still is a bit (too) small. I am not convinced yet. Looking at it from the side is the worst angle, from other angles it looks better

And then I got an idea....

I will see if I can find some old header pipes for not too much and build an exhaust like that (with the thermos muffler). Than I'll decide what to do with the tank.

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