donderdag 24 februari 2011

The Virago: Wrapping it up

The final stages of a build always take way too long, but we are getting there. Did a ton of invisible stuff and we wrapped the exhaust. Many people say (sometimes jealously) that wrapping exhaust is just for hiding ugly welds. Well, in this case, they are right. We made the exhaust with a very, very old stick welder without even an on/off switch, it didn't help that all the pieces used for the exhaust were slightly different in material, thickness and size. So we knew we had to wrap them, but we had postponed it to the last stage of the build as not to damage the wrapping while working on the bike. We are not too happy with the result, the exhaust are difficult to wrap and they look a bit too big now, but we expect it to start looking better as the wrapping will slowly turn brownish over time.

The bike runs great now, sounds great too (bit loud, but f*ck that). Idling sound is spot on. We really have to find some time during the daylight to do some further testing, filming and a photo shoot.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Think you're right, it looks good now but will look even better when it's going to be darker.
    You could even think about spray painting it with heat resisting paint?
    What a beast, would really like to see (and hear!) it in real life...

  2. vin het wel mooi zo dik!
    ga je de velgen nog spuiten of laat je ze two-tone?
    wel heel jaren tachtig zo.. :)

  3. Ik denk dat we de velgen alleen een beetje oppoetsen of anders opnieuw doen, maar dan wel in dezelfde kleur als dit. Helemaal zwart zou misschien ook wle cool zijn, maar dan komen er weer kosten bij van het de- en monteren van de banden. (ik wil dat niet doen met de banden er op)