zaterdag 12 februari 2011

The BMW caferacer

It has been a long while since I rode it. I thought I remembered it being about as fast and about as fun as the CB750. I must be getting old, because my memory was way, way off.

Being used to the CB now, I almost crashed it the first couple of hundred meters. Everything on the bike is violent. Gas response, the brakes, engine braking, cornering..... Absolutely fantastic. To say that I enjoyed riding it is a massive understatement. What a bike to ride.....

Just a shame the tank cure treatment failed. I'll continue this season with a messy looking tank and I'll try to fix things after the season again.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Baaahaaahaaaaa!!!
    Beemers are different! Nice shots and writting

  2. Really nice bikes! but i prefer the bmw...i'm so curious, what is the problem with your tank?is it ruined inside? try to use tankerite or epoxy...they're f**kin boring, but should work...
    hope to be usefull
    by fez

  3. hello, I really like your bike has the spirit of Cafè RACER.


  4. Merci 4 Bulloni!

    @ Boom: I don't know what the exact problem is. I contacted Tank Cure and they didn't know either. I can feel air bubbles under both the paint on the outside and the tank cure on the inside. I fear that other epoxy products will just have the same effect.

    @ El Solitario: Thanks mate!

  5. strange shit dude...i ve seen a fiberglass tank doing something similar, at least inside, because there was not epoxy, but plastic resin (don't even know if this name is correct in english!) gas ruined the tank...
    i'm sorry, hope you find a soluitons...i love your crazy beemer!
    by fez