zaterdag 1 januari 2011

Zoran's Kawa

First of all to whoever reads this: I wish you a healthy and happy 2011!!

Spend some time on Zoran's KZ. I had to find a place for all the electrics of this bike. I figured it would be best to have everything tucked up right against the seat so the wires would be as short as possible and everything would be hidden from view as good as possible. So I made some simple brackets.

This'll work.

I also tuned the handle bars around and shortened the clutch and brake lever, they were enormous.

Next will be the rear spoiler. I'd like to leave it off all together because the seat is already pretty long, or else have it pointing upwards like in this photo (That's a testfit, I would mount it a bit higher), but customer is king and Zoran wants it mounted horizontally. That's not going to be a problem of course.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Good to know that you like it ;)
    I've just put a layer of Hammerite over the new work before it starts to rust. I'll do the rear spoiler tomorrow if the weather is good enough.