zondag 30 januari 2011


Was pretty d*** cold too. But I took the CB for another ride (video screen cap):

To get this

So I can do something about the reason why the BMW hasn't seen daylight in months. The tank is in horrible shape, this side is not too bad, on the other side the paint is blowing bubbles. I can't wait to get on the BMW again (Zoran's Kawa in the background).

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  2. Tank cure? Hmm that sucks. So she will need a new paintjob too?

  3. Yep, she'll need a new paint job. I hate doing paint jobs (and I suck at it).

    But the most important thing is that I'll be able to ride it again.

  4. Ha thats Funny, I really like doing paintjobs. Not that I'm that great at it but if you need any help...
    Got a color scheme in mind yet or are you sticking with the dark blue?

  5. I really suck at making up paint schemes, I don't have enough fantasy for that (but if you can think of something cool/classy/classic/retro). So it will probably be the the same (and that way I don't have to repaint the tail). I'll first do the tank cure treatment and see if it works. Than I'll do the painting in the spring or so when it's a bit warmer.

  6. Well you could send me a nice high res picture of the beemer, preferably side, 3/4 view or both, so I could do some photoshop impressions, if you'd like that offcourse? But just like you said; painting it when it's warm is a lot better. This cold weather makes the aerosols work like crap.