dinsdag 11 januari 2011

Wanted: Models

And I don't mean the female kind, though I won't say no to that!!

When you go trough the pages of this blog You'll see that besides motorcycles photography is also a bit of a hobby of mine. The perfect combination is obviously taking photo's of bikes, easy. Only: I've been photographing the same couple of bikes for a long time now and it won't hurt to photograph a few others, so:

If you want some pictures of your bike: mail me.

I'm convinced that kapitalisme has already destroyed too much, so I'll do it for fee. Gratis. Gratuit. Voor nop. But since I'll be doing it for free I have a few demands, those are:

- The bike must be special. Either nicely restored, nicely customized or in an excellent condition. - It also had to happen in or around the City of Utrecht, the Netherlands. Else it'll take me too much time and the traveling will be too expensive for me.

So that's it. Mail me if interested!

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