dinsdag 18 januari 2011

Kawa update

Spend some time on Zoran's Kawa again this weekend. I'd already made the rear spoiler for it and a bracket for the rear light. Wanted the latter to be different from usual, but I'm not happy with the result, it looks a bit like a lampoon now, so I'll probably change it. This weekend I made a side mount for the license plate. Wanted a light (looking) construction so I made it out of steel bars.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Was a bit shocked at first but now I'm realy digging the platemount. Definitely a one-off MIOB creation, yeah!

  2. If you want it in the middle you can get it in the middle ;). Or if you want a simpler mount? Just say do :)

  3. No please, don't move it to the middle! Seen way much of those lately and the mount you made is beautiful.
    Putting it all the way down, like your friend Francesco did on his bike, looks really good aswell though. The plate will take a bit less attention over there? But even if you want to go with that, I would really like to keep the mount you made, love that raw style.