zondag 7 november 2010


It's good stuff ;)

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  1. Miob- I'm curious what you used on the tank. Some sort of paint stripper and then it looks like you clear coated it after buffing it out? I really like the raw metal look! The bike is coming right along? What about rearsets?

  2. Hey Marc,

    Yes, I used paintstripper to strip the tank. I didn't need to buff it out (I had expexted a few dents, but there weren't any). I then cleaned the tank and applied a few layers of Owatrol. I love the look of the raw metal too!
    I'm now waiting for the seat to be upholstered, then I'll be able to ride. Rearsets is maybe something for a later stage, as a bike you build yourself is never really finished.

  3. Cool! So the Owatrol seals the bare metal? Looks good! I'm working on a 77 CG750 currently, and next a 73 CB350 for the girl. I saw on your BMW cafe bike that you modified your exhaust (with a SS thermos? awesome!)... did the shortening of the muffler/pipe effect the performance/jetting at all? Ive got an older Kerker exhaust on the GS750 and don't like the megaphone look. I was thinking of chopping it and building my own endpipe. Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

  4. Yep, the Owatrol seals the metal. The can says it can be used as a base coat, so I guess you could also apply a layer of 2k clear coat over it, but so far the Owatrol seems pretty fuel resistant.
    Yep, I made the exhaust out of a ss thermos. I'm also using velocity stacks, so I had to retune the carbs, but that's an easy job on a BMW. I adjusted the CO screws and raised the needles by 1 click and the bike is running great now.
    I think you can see from the photo's how I made the exhaust for the BMW, I made the exhaust for the CB exactly the same way, only with a different outer shell (an old Virago exhaust instead of the thermos). I just took a shell, welded in a perforated pipe, put some damper wool around it and that's pretty much it.

    Do you have any photos of your bikes?

  5. Miob-
    Thanks for the info. You can see some pics of my build on Do the Ton forum - look up GS750cafe.
    Cheers, Marc

  6. No worries, if you gave any more questions, feel free to ask.
    I tried looking up your GS, but there are several on DTT caled GS750cafe in the projects subforum. Which one is yours?