donderdag 25 november 2010

No need to kill anyone

Nobody blew up any leds last night, so everybody survived.

We had a frustrating start of the night. We couldn't get the Virago started at first and had all kinds of unexplainable fuel leaks and an oil leak. Untill we realised that a backfire in the car had gotten the choke valve stuck so the engine was getting all the air trough the float bowl and sucking in way too much fuel at the same time. We fixed it and the bike ran straight away. Unfortunately the battery was flat by that time.

Than it was time to start on the rear light. We made it from scratch with a bar of aluminum, the lathe and a few leds. We're really pleased with the result. (it's still in the test stage at the moment, so the gap you can see between the two halves of the light is temporary)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. nice experiment dude...dirrrrty metal...fantastic led tailight...i made a similar one for my vespa with a 60's bicycle front light...surely original and great handmade value...
    by the italian FEZ

  2. Grazie Fez! Always a pleasure to read your comments.

    @ Bubble: Wat heb je ervoor over? ;P
    Maar wij waren er ook blij mij. Ziet er in het echt minstens zo goed uit als op de foto's.