vrijdag 12 november 2010


The tank of the CB has an ugly spot where originally the Honda-logo's were. I tried to cover them up with a home made logo. Like the color, not too sure yet about the size and design.


I than held this in the sandblaster for a few seconds et voila:

And check out this not-so-brilliant solution for short people I spotted at our university. Apparently you don't have to be very bright to go to uni..

2 opmerkingen:

  1. hi mate...i'd leave the tank easy, rough an tinny...no writings, no logos applied...at most a small sideward writing with a thick black marker...even a gold one...a lil wrenchmonkees-brat style...
    keep on create your metal dreams...
    by fez (italia)

  2. Grazie Fez! The marker is a good idea, but I do want to cover the holes for the original logo. I know Wrenchmonkees never do it, but this is not a WM bike ;). I think not having the holes covers makes the bike look unfinished.

    But I'll see what I do, I rarely plan ahead, I just make something and see if it looks nice :)