zaterdag 25 september 2010

Fell in love today.

How could I not?

Please don't tell my girlfriend ;)

I went to the Veteranen Treffen in the city of Woerden. Never been to that meeting before, but I will most definitely be there again! The weather was sunny with some rain, but the rain didn't spoil teh event at all. I have never, ever before seen so many cool bikes in one day. Urals, Panthers, Ariels, Vincents, Benneli's (sei!), Nortons, BSA's, Nimbus's (Nimbi?), Velocette etc... etc... Most of them didn't even come on a trailer!  Admission to the event was low and it was obviously meant for everybody, not just motorfanatics. It was a sight to behold, not to be photographed. My photos really don't do the event justice. 

More photo's here

Sorry for the poor quality, I really was too busy looking at the bike and didn't take the time needed to take pictures with an analogue lens.

There was a small market section as well. Found a nice brake pump with sensor and 4 exhaust clamps for the CB.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. shit, vergeten!
    vorig jaar smaakte naar meer.
    ga je nog naar hardenberg dit weekend?

  2. Ik wil wel, maar te duur. Niet de toegang, maar die domme trein en ik denk ook niet dat ik er echt zal vinden wat ik nog nodig heb voor de CB. Jij gaat dus wel?

    Maar Woerden was geweldig, was er nog niet eerder geweest, volgend jaar zeker weer!